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Brown and White Coffee Photo Collage (Presentation (169)) (3) Brown and White Coffee Photo Collage (Presentation (169)) (3)


All things have a beauty of their own; even the ugly side of life has its own beauty. I feel strongly that beauty comes from how we decide to see the things around us. It is we, who, through our beliefs and experiences color life. To look and see life as living art this is where I am now.

All my life I’ve seen everything around me with the mind and eyes that transforms the world to one of wondrous fantasy. I see in the everyday things a hidden world of shapes and forms. When I find my art it is always from deep inside my subconscious, my place of true freedom. A self that see’s colorful worlds of magic wondrous realms of places that we have never been to before


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Robert davidson

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Robert can create art ‘based’ around your requirements within the scope of his artistic creativity. These are commissioned pieces so please contact for more details and to discuss your requirements.

All paintings will be unique and original with a proof of authenticity certificate and photographic (or video) evidence of the art creation process.