Robert Davidson

My name is Robert John Davidson and I am an artist.

I was born in England in 1949 where I grew up with my parents, 2 brothers and sister until we moved to the western province of British Columbia in Canada in 1962.

I attended and graduated high school before enrolling in Vancouver Art School. Afterwards, I went to the U.S. to live in North Hollywood, California where I created record album art work for many of the 1970's soon-to-be famous Rock and Roll bands while also selling and exhibiting my own paintings.

In the late 1970’s, I opened my own art gallery where I had many successful shows in addition to forming a group of artists who’s work was focused on surrealism and fantasy.

Back in Canada I entered the motion picture business by designing sets and props for many big budget hollywood productions; eventually landing a steady job on the television series Stargate.

All through my days of designing and decorating movie and television production sets I yearned to get back to making my own creations; creating my own art through my passion for painting and drawing. Always in the background of my heart and thoughts, I finally told myself, "Enough!".

To even be an artist is an art form in itself; always trying to balance the need of making money by creating for others and creating for one's own soul as it were.

All things have a beauty of their own; even the ugly side of life has its own beauty. I feel strongly that beauty comes from how we decide to see the things around us. It is we, who, through our beliefs and experiences color life. To look and see life as living art this is where I am now.

All my life I've seen everything around me with the mind and eyes that transforms the world to one of wondrous fantasy. I see in the everyday things a hidden world of shapes and forms. When I find my art it is always from deep inside my subconscious, my place of true freedom. A self that see's colorful worlds of magic wondrous realms of places that we have never been to before.

Throughout all the ages, man has reflected his ideas and ideals through artistic expressions of design, music, poetry and art. Artists live and breathe their works and try to give to it an eternity; they hope that even after time their works can still preserve some of their story, some of the history of their life and time.

I only hope to try and become young again; like a child in a world of simplicity and non aggression, a world of discovery. My paintings are like magic windows which open up a world for those who look both at it and through it. From Picasso to Michelangelo, from Leonardo da Vinci to the moderns, art allows the artist to show both the inner worlds of its creator as well their understanding of the exterior world.

I really hope that many will gain worthwhile experiences and insight as I try and describe the world through my eyes and heart - my art.




  • 2001 LEO Award
    StarGate SG-1: Best Production Design
    in a Dramatic Series

  • 2002 LEO Award
    StarGate SG-1: Best Production Design
    in a Dramatic Series

  • 2003 Gemini Award
    StarGate SG-1: Best Dramatic Series

  • 2007 Guinness Book of World Records
    StarGate SG-1: Longest running science fiction show in US television history ( 10 years).